Branching Out Society


Members of the Community Foundation’s Branching Out Society make a gift of at least $200 annually to support our operating expenses.

Operating funds are the most difficult to procure for nonprofit organizations. Donors are typically enticed by tangible programs or capital projects, overlooking the day-to-day expenses that organizations like the Community Foundation incur. We, at the Foundation, pay close attention to our fiscal responsibilities, but overhead costs remain a challenge. We really appreciate the gifts to our operating fund and to our Branching Out Society, as they allow us to continue meeting the charitable interests of our donors, and work to encourage philanthropy in Washington County. Thank you for your continued commitment and vital support of the Foundation.

Would you like to become a part of our Branching Out Society? Please send your donation of $200 or more to the following address or click on Donate below.




Send Donations to:
Community Foundation of Washington County MD, Inc.
33 West Franklin Street, Suite 203
Hagerstown, MD 21740                                  

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